iGoMic Mini
The iGoMicTM microphone is special designed for GoPro, DSLR and video cameras. At the heart of the iGoMicTM Mini Shotgun is a 9mm diameter cardioid condenser capsule that provides studio-quality audio. All-copper interference tube body ensures that surrounding audio is minimized and your recording is focused on the subject in front of the camera. The iGoMicTM Mini Shotgun, provides a mono signal to both left and right channel of your recording device, is an excellent and robust microphone to record music, speech, interviews and ambient sounds.
Standard accessories
  • PP011
    Mic holder for GoPro
  • CL020 Rubber ring
    Spare Part for PP011
  • CB030M
    3.5mm(30cm)stereo cable(male mini jack)
  • CB031U
    mini USB (30cm)
  • CP918
    Carrying Pouch
  • PP015
    Cold-shoe mount
  • WJ146
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